Why Sunday is Holiday ? know full story – best of 2020


Why Sunday is Holiday ? know full story – best of 2020

Why Sunday is Holiday and because of whom we Indian got this Holiday. you must have got a question in your mind.
Today We are today celebrating 130 years for Sunday as Holiday.
After working hard for all week long, we all keenly wait for Sunday. Because it’s the day when all the offices, schools, colleges are closed. But have you ever people thought why Sunday is widely known as a public holiday or rest holiday?
Today we’ll take a glance at the interesting reason behind why Sunday is said a public holiday all across the world.
Before going further we must tell you that holiday on Sunday wasn’t announced during a day, in fact, it took 8 long years of the legal fight to announce Sunday as a holiday.
Nothing on this earth has ever been obtained without struggle particularly when it’s for the larger interests of a community. Dr B. R. Ambedkar expressed that you can’t get anything without paying the cost.
However, very well-meaning persons of vision have struggled for matters of common causes. one among such persons who showed more concern for the suffering of many labourers without caring for his personal comforts was Narayan Meghaji Lokhande.
Why Sunday is Holiday ? know full story - best of 2020
Why Sunday is Holiday ? know full story – best of 2020

Why Sunday is Holiday: History of the Sunday:-

When India was under British rule, the mill workers in India had to work hard for all seven days of every week. They didn’t get any holiday or any kind of leave to urge rest. British officials and workers would attend church every Sunday and offer their prayers while there was no such tradition for the Indian mill workers.

At the point of time, Narayan Meghaji Lokhande was the leader of the mill workers, he presented a proposal for a weekly holiday ahead of the Britishers. He emphasized that ‘After working hard for 6 days, the workers should get at least one day to perform duties towards their country and society’. Sunday is that the day of the Hindu deity ‘Khandobaa’. Hence Sunday should be declared as a holiday”. But British officials rejected his proposal.
Lokhande didn’t accept the failure, he continued his struggle. After a 7-year long struggle, on 10th June 1890, British Government declared Sunday as a vacation. It is surprising that the Indian government never issued any orders regarding this holiday.
 Narayan Meghaji Lokhande was a prominent follower of Mahatma Jyotirao Phule. Lokhande is acclaimed because of the Father of the trade union movement in India.
he struggled with British government from 1881 to 1889 to declare Sunday as a holiday, finally, British government declared officially in 1889 Sunday as holiday
Some of the rights mill workers got due to N M Lokhande were:-
• Mill workers must get a weekly holiday on Sunday.
• In the afternoon, workers should be permitted to half-hour recess.
• The mill should start performing from 6:30 within the morning and shut by sunset.
• The salaries of the workers should tend by the 15th of every month.
Narayan Lokhande is acclaimed as the Father of the trade union movement in India so was awarded the title of ” Rao Bahadur” by British Government for his exemplary work of labour.
Now you have an answer that why Sunday is holiday, many people are not aware of this reason and the history behind the Sunday as a holiday.
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