Don’t overthink, Dream Big to overcome fear – Motivational 2020


Don’t overthink, Dream Big to overcome fear – Motivational 2020

Hello Readers, let’s discuss the steps to get to where you want to go or just the steps to where you are going.
Look, when you have a thought or an idea, here is what I want you to do. Don’t overthink it. Don’t over-explain it. The more you think, the more you cause for delay.
Don't overthink, Dream Big to overcome fear - Motivational 2020
Don’t overthink, Dream Big to overcome fear – Motivational 2020
See, you are not going to get your ducks all lined up in a row means ducks don’t line up in a row. You can’t train a duck, they do what they want to do.
Keep in mind, things are not going to go your way, things are going to have wrinkles and bumps in it. That’s what it is.
But listen, stop telling your business to small-minded people. Small-minded people will always tell you why something won’t work.
Don’t overthink it, you just move ahead and take the first step. The first step will guide you for your next step. The best time to start is now. Believe it can happen. God will show you the way. 
You must dream bigger than your fear. It is the solution to overcome your fear.

Don’t overthink: Fear of Failure

Everybody experiences fear on some level. You may face fear or uncertainty, you may face some moments where you are not sure. But it happens to everybody. Everybody goes through such moments.

‘The best things in life  is to go beyond the other side of fear.’ Fear is the biggest cause of failure. It is the fear of failure that causes most people to never even begin the journey. Fear freezes people, it really does. Before they even start.

Don’t overthink: How to overcome fear?

Here is the way you counter fear. You counter fear with the size of your dreams. You have to dream so big, you have to want something so incredible the size of your dream becomes bigger than all of your fear. God is in the make your dream come true.  So Dream big, you all.

Don’t overthink: Find the right Mentor

Once you dream big, you can press through your fears. That’s how it’s done. People often talk about mentors.
You got to find the right mentor because see, someone has already travelled the route that you’re taking. You got to find these people and get in front of them. They’re everywhere.
Look, people want to share and teach you lessons about life. They want to give you information, they don’t have a hard time doing that.
It’s really kinda hard to make it without mentorship. You have a plan to be taught something when you meet these people. Ask them to teach you something.
See, a person doesn’t mind teaching you how to fish. They will have a problem giving you a fish sandwich, okay? Find a mentor, they’re everywhere.
Even if you can’t locate the person that’s where you want to be, you can get somebody who has a level higher than you. Step by step, inch by inch. Inch by inch, anything is a cinch. Get a mentor.

Don’t overthink: Look disappointment as Motivation

All right, I wanna talk to you about disappointment, ’cause this is something that’s going to happen along your journey to success, and you need to understand the disappointment. I want you to look at disappointment as motivation.
I want that whenever you will go through the journey of disappointment, you should have communication with your soul that this disappointment is okay & cool.  You must be determined and take it as a challenge, take motivation from the disappointment and say the line that “I will show you”
Always keep in mind, disappointment is not the final verdict of your destiny. You may find people around you who may disappoint you, and they may down your moral, but mind it, they are not the author of your life journey. You are the only one who can write your own journey as you wanted to.
You must have belief in your hard work and God will help you certainly. Therefore instead of listening such haters, listen to your heart, your soul and move further towards your journey.
I want that you should not answer to these haters and concentrate on your work. Shake the haters, ’cause they don’t know what God has for you.
Look at the farmers. Farmers reap the harvest, right !. So think like a farmer. Understand how the farmers do, they put in the labour, they reap the harvest.
So as a farmer, you got to till the soil. Then, you got to plough it, then you got to make rows, then you got to go back and you got to plant seeds, then you got to start watering what you planted, then you got to fertilize it, eventually.
If you keep building those rows, eventually, you’re going to have row number five dug in the ground, right?
Well, after that, then row number one that you started out years ago starts to sprout and starts to produce the crop.
That way, as the crops start to develop that you planted years ago, and once they come to full fruition, you start eating them, you’ll always have something to eat. That’s how you build a career.
That’s how you get your dreams rolling. You know, if you eat the fruit before it’s full bearing, you’re never going to reap the full benefit of it, so you got to stay patient.  like a farmer. Just like a farmer.


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