Don’t think of Suicide – learn to handle the failure and crisis – Motivational 2020


Don’t think of Suicide – learn to handle the failure and crisis – Motivational

Failure is not the outcome – learn to handle the crisis – Don’t think of Suicide.

Friends. We may belong to any country, state or any religion but we all desire money, status and living happily with family. But suddenly what happens? Mind changes the direction of thoughts Why it happens? How does it happen? Let us search? Today’s topic is related — how to get see success in struggle, failures and crisis.

Don't think of Suicide
Don’t think of Suicide

There was a brilliant boy, selected in IIT who went to the USA for MBA. Got a good job and settled. Married a beautiful girl, purchased 5 room house and luxury cars He was having everything that a successful person has. But a few years ago he and his wife committed suicide. After shooting his wife and children he finished his life.

Institute of psychology studied the case and tried to find out what went wrong? Due to the economic crisis, he lost his job. He sat at home without a job for a longer time. His wife was in the bank, she also lost the job His house instalment broke and he lost the home. He was frustrated and lost the courage to face the crisis.

He and his wife together decided to commit suicide. The case was concluded with the remarks…….. The man was programmed for # SUCCESS# But he was not trained for Handling Failures. As a result, he was broken mentally and the whole family suffered. 

We all even know that recently Bollywood hero Sushant Sing Rajput also ended his life.

Don’t think of Suicide:-

We should not see life like this. Whenever life turns down, when things go wrong, when situations go unexpectedly, it doesn’t mean you will think to end your life.

Requesting all parents… Teach your children how to handle the crisis? Make them mentally strong and teach human values. They must know how to face problems? Failure is part of the process. People who can not face failures can not be successful.

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I always say, failure is an attitude, not an outcome. I always say, if you want to succeed in your life then first learn to face the failure. Be ready for that condition.

I will request to all of you who are through the tough conditions. If possible change your place, home, job, friends but never think of dying.

Don’t think of Suicide:-

Be thankful to God, for what you have received Enjoy HIS Blessings. Feel satisfied with what is given. Enjoy this life.

It is full of love and enjoyment. Select a closest real friend. If not having, then try to search such close friends. He can be a friend or can be your MOTHER.

Learn Yog, Pranayam,  Meditation and make them part of daily practice. In case you are having any questions.  Please do share, We shall find the best solution

If still thoughts of suicide come in your mind, then you must talk to this with your parent, your closed friend or you can also call to Counsellor on  Icall helpline Number 91-9152987821

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 Be happy, keeping others happy and  smiling always


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