Motivational short story on knowledge 2020 – wisdom info- interesting

Motivational short story on knowledge - wisdom info
Motivational short story on knowledge – wisdom info

Motivational Short Story on knowledge – wisdom info

 A Motivational short story that will help you to understand the power of knowledge.

Greetings to all. Welcome to my page. Today we are going to tell you the story where you will know how much knowledge is important and valuable.

Before we start the story, you are requested to read the complete story then only you will understand.

Motivational Short Story on knowledge :

Once upon a time in a country, a trader came for trading. Those days, it was a rule for a trader to visit the King first and shows the trading items and explains their features. This trader was presented to the King’s court.

The King was presented with gifts by the trader. The trader showcased his items and explained their features.  The traderr explained, ” O’ my king, I have various things for trading which I brought from many countries. Please see this carpet, it is bought from Iran, & it is made with silk threads. Check out this expensive pen which I bought from Japan”. 

A lot of such items were showcased to the King. The King questioned, How many countries you have been traded so far? The Traderr named many countries including Hinduustan. 

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King asked, “How many days have you traded in Hinduustan?”  The Trader replied, “I was there for a week” King asked, “What was the expensive thing you bought there?” The trader said, ” There were many things but the most expensive was a pearl to buy, I needed to spend more days but I had only one week hence I couldn’t bring it”

King asked again, “What was that thing?”  The Trader answered, “Janab it is a pearl which increases by distributing to others and no one can steal it and the pearl can be used to make jewellery”

The King was impressed with the trader by this.  King said, “I would like to have that pearl” The King ordered a special minister to return with this pearl. 

Motivational Short Story on knowledge :

The minister departed on his mission The minister searched mountains, jungles, seas and roamed valleys. He asked everyone about this pearl which cannot be stolen but everyone denied it and a lot of jewellery can be made with that pearl. People used to laugh at him and think he has gone mad.

Months passed away, just like this Shadows of disappointment grew large. But, the thought of returning empty-handed to the king frightened him. The Minister searched every possible way to find the pearl but he couldn’t find it.

The minister finally thought of returning back. He was upset and crossing through jungle It was quite late at night and he was tired.  He sat near a tree to rest. Suddenly a wise man passed by. The wise man saw the troubled minister and asked the minister, ” O’ Young man, what has happened to you?  You seem very tired”.

Motivational Short Story on knowledge :

Traveller (Wise man) said, “Can I help you?” The minister explained the whole story to the traveller (wise man). He was not able to find the pearl. The Wise man laughed after hearing the story.

The wise man said “I regret you have not used your brain and searched for so many months for a pearl” Minister asked,  “I didn’t understand your meaning”.

The traveller (wise man) replied, “O’ good one, that pearl is knowledge pearl,  but you were searching everywhere it’s physical form,  Knowledge can have a thousand of names,  Some may call it wisdom tree, sea or anything but no one can steal it from you”.

Minister astonished and said, “What about the jewellery making feature? ” The Wise man smiled and replied, “Knowledge has a lot of features, Why are you searching it in the shape of a pearl?” The Wise man further explained, “Remember, every item is based not from the physical form but from its inner features, Similarly, knowledge is a precious pearl, Whoever has obtained it, it will define them just like jewellery and no one can steal it, it increases by sharing it and doesn’t reduce”. 

The Minister listened to the wise man. Minister agreed knowledge is a pearl and one who obtains it becomes rich.

Minister thanked the wise man. Minister was very happy and he returned back to his country. Minister explained to the King about the pearl called Knowledge.

The King was impressed and agreed, knowledge is the pearl which no one can steal.

Dear friends, knowledge is a pearl, whose brightness roars from ground to sky. Knowledge is a pearl whose brightness can guide a person in the universe.

Motivational Short Story on knowledge :

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