Successful student DO NOT STOP – Motivational 2020


Successful student-DO NOT STOP- Motivational 2020

Parents and students must know how to overcome failure.
You have an opportunity right now that you won’t have a few years from now. this is an opportunity of a lifetime.
Your family are counting on you to study hard, your friends are counting on you to study hard and maybe you don’t realize it yet. But your future self is counting on you to study hard and the goal is not to keep studying until you’re contained.
Successful student DO NOT STOP - Motivational 2020
Successful student DO NOT STOP – Motivational 2020
You should never be satisfied, you should always be striving for better because when you will be satisfied with your grades, that day you will stop growing, that day you will stop progressing.
In study age, you have an opportunity to invest your time in study. You don’t have to be the most talented or the wisest or the smartest or the wealthiest. You don’t have to be the most intelligent to get to the top but you’ve got to study.

Successful student DO NOT STOP  [1] :

Everyone your classmates might come from money, they might have parents that own businesses they might know people and are able to get them a job.
But they might not do a study or they might have various reasons for not studying but you have to make a decision that no matter how privileged or talented anyone else’s in your class you’re going to do your study.
But, how do you make out your study?  I’ll advise you, It has been observed and realized that most successful people in the world have seven or eight similar things in common and one of the things they all had in common was that they all had a root, they are obsessed with routine, they don’t have a gap of wasted time in their routine.
They don’t grind until 6 p.m.and then played video games for the rest of the night, they’re not scrolling mindlessly through Instagram four hours a day, they don’t have time. That’s a poverty mindset.
Successful people don’t waste time. They don’t watch TV. They don’t do a lot of entertainment.  If they’re not working then they’re studying or getting better at their craft. So what you have to decide is do you want to be in the 97% or 3%?

Successful student DO NOT STOP [2] :

Think that, you’ll only join the 3% when you start thinking like the 3%, working like the 3%, then only you could be able to make out how to prioritize your studying over the next 365 days and it will significantly alter the journey.
You have to think, act and work like those 3 % successful people. What you have to do is you need to repeatedly do the things for the excellence and you ought to have a habit of the same.

Keep your mind and soul as your Coach. Concentrate on your study, bring the consistency, regularity, put yourself to the hardest way, take the challenges on your shoulder and move towards your dream.
Always think about your dream. Always think what you wanted to be. Always think what you want to achieve. Accordingly starts planning, and use your time for acting on the plan.
Students, you always surround yourself with positive things. Always be part of such a group where the others also have thoughts or mindset like you. It will help you to be in touch or be in the same flow towards your dream.
Make your mindset that you will not stop yourself and you will not allow yourself to stop until you achieve your dream. Make your hard work as your routine habit.
Now once you make your hard work as your habit then further you need to evaluate yourself. It would be better for you that instead of others will try to find out your mistakes, errors, you should analyse yourself and try to evaluate your things.
Many time it happens that even though you work hard, study hard still you fail in your exams. It may happen to many students. But wait, don’t disappoint yourself. It’s your testing time. Don’t give up, don’t demotivate yourself and don’t ever underestimate yourself.

Successful student DO NOT STOP [3] :

Analyse your things, try to find out what was things which you left and try to make out and work on those things, gear up again, move further to fight again. Take your failure as a challenge and show the spirit like a sportsman and prepare yourself for the next match.
Always keep in mind, this is the situation where many students give up the things but I will suggest to all those students instead of giving up the things, prepare yourself for more hard study.
Your positive mindset will turn your journey from your failure to success.
Also, keep in mind that such mind preparation, and hard work habit, will not only help you in your educational life but it will make your success to the rest of your life.
“Life not about only living. Life is about to understand, evaluate, analyse and then living”
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