3 best concept to deal with How to feel confident again


3 best concept to deal with How to feel confident again.

Today I want to share with you three concepts that will help you to come back to the energy of confidence.

First of all, I want to share with you that it’s not possible for you to lose confidence. The only thing that you lose is the connection with that energy with that feeling of feeling confident.

how to feel confident again
how to feel confident again

Now go back to a moment where you feel confident how do you feel? how do you act? take a moment to consider that.

Maybe you speak with more confidence, you speak loudly, maybe you take more risks, you take different actions, focus on your strength, you celebrate others so it’s a completely different attitude when we feel confident.

So let’s explore three concepts of How to feel confident again.

How to feel confident again: first

First one is to practice. For anything that you’re doing-especially if it’s a new thing, you need to practice.

Now imagine that for the first time you’re going to speak in public. For the first time, you’re going to do a presentation. It may be it’s not the first time you’ve done it a few times but still, there’s that feeling of fear of anxiety.

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Now the best thing may be that you can do at that moment, is to practice. Keep practising your speech, keep practising what you’re doing keep practising your own skill, because the more you practice and you know your thing the more confident you will feel. So this is one concept.

How to feel confident again: second

The second concept is looking for evidence

so what you’re going to do is to look for evidence. Maybe in the past, Obviously you’re going to look for evidence that you already have done it, that there was a situation that you overcame, you overcame that situation with the confidence.

So you have to go and gather your confident self to overcome that situation. Imagine, for me personally, I studied my education from Marathi vernacular medium, my mother tongue is not English so many times I had to feel confident and gather my courage to speak with other people in English.

I had to speak in English meet new people say things because every time I opened my mouth I thought that I wasn’t speaking correctly.

For you is the same there are situations for sure, that you can look back and see how confident you were so just going back to them and see what was your process. What happened, what made you feel confident and how did you do it.

How to feel confident again: third

The third one is to recognize that there are parts of you, one part of you can say that you don’t feel confident.

You do not know enough, you need to do more you need to have another course, you need to do ABC.

So that you feel confident firsthand, other parts of you might feel, no I can do this, I can move city, I can meet a new partner I can go for that job, I can be a mom I can be a dad.

Become aware of those different parts of you of that conversation in your head because I tell you one thing that’s for sure, everyone has that conversation what we call story.

So everyone will have a story, you will have a story, I have a story so the third thing is to become aware of your own stories.

Now I’m going to give you an exercise for you to do so it’s a few questions that you can right.

Now grab a pen and paper sit down and consider this – how do you reconnect with the energy of confidence.

So write down on your paper

Right now if I had more confidence I would… and then write it down, What would you do if you had more confidence right now?

What story do you keep telling yourself about not being confident?

Now you’re going to identify three things that you keep telling yourself, that are not actually true and then you’re going to take a moment to consider what are the consequences of you, keeping those stories and never actually taking action or do the things that you want to do because you feel that you aren’t confident.

Just write it down and then go back to a story where you were really confident where you can see that you gather your courage that you were confident and really went for the thing even though that you had fears, even though that you were worried about it.

Think about that story, write it down as well, so now you can see a pattern.

Now you can recognize probably that there are some stories that you tell yourself and they’re not true so everyone does this everyone has stories the thing is that we just want to recognize what those stories are.

And finally, just remember that you don’t need to feel fear to feel confident. Everyone will feel fear, everyone will have anxieties and worries.

The thing is how do you see that, how do you determine that. For some people that is enough to stop them, for you, you can decide to feel the fear and do it anyway.

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