Never Give Up; 8 Ways To Tells You About


Never Give Up; 8 Ways To Tells You About

Here you will get all about never give up which will help you the most to move positively.

Albert Einstein had a great quote, he said, Imagination is everything, it’s the preview to life’s coming attractions.

Never Give Up; 8 Ways To Tells You About

Short story on Never Give up: 

Once a man went up to God, and said, Oh God, I’ve got so many difficulties everywhere. I just need to open my eyes and see a new difficulty. I am going to give up in life. 

In this situation, this man went to god and said, Oh god, I have got so many difficulties everywhere. Every single day I am going through with new difficulties. I am going to give up my life. 

God said, don’t give up. The Man insisted, No, I’m going to give up. God again replied No.. you don’t.

The Man said, Why God tell me? God said, Look, I planted in the years the Fern seeds and the bamboo seeds.  They may grow and spread greenery on the planet.

The ferns sprouted in a few days, and in one week it had grown to a plant. In a couple of weeks. It was a full-grown plant spreading. It shoots everywhere multiplying. I was so thrilled.

On the other side, bamboo! nothing had come out of the year. A full year went by. And there were no visible signs of growth.

Second-year went by and still, there was no progress. I was about to give up on the bamboo.

A third-year went by and I said it’s no good. On the fourth year went by, I was about to write it off.

But then in the fifth year, the little green shoots started emerging. And in a couple of weeks, it had become two feet. It continued to maintain the speed of its growth.

In six months it had grown to the height of 80 feet, received the bamboo tree is right at 100 feet.

Then I realized what it had been doing for the last five years. It had been growing its roots underground because to sustain the force of such trouble renders growth. It needed the strength, the foundation, and it had been building its foundation.

Similarly, when you think that everything is going wrong in your life, think yet again, it’s possible that these difficulties are helping you develop the foundation.

God further explained to the Man, Your perspective on growth is different from God’s perspective on growth.

Your perspective is that if economically my salary is increasing, then I’m growing. If I’ve been promoted from present post to higher post then I’m growing. If I’ve moved from an apartment to a townhouse to a bungalow, then I’m growing.

But God’s perspective is different. God needs real growth from inside,

are you growing from inside? If you are…, then that is the real growth and that inner growth happens when you get challenged.

When Bamboo takes a number of years to grow up, it means it is building its foundation to grow higher and higher. Even it makes it more capable to survive harder and strong to tackle difficult situations like a cyclone. 

The Man understood God’s sign. He realised that he should not complain but he needs to work hard to chase it.

Moral: When you are going through a difficult situation, take these difficulties as opportunities to challenge it. Do the real progress from inside which will make you more capable to grow long.

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What does it mean to never give up?

It means to believe in yourself. It really means a willingness to accept failure, so you can learn the critical skill of adaptation.

It means not compromising on your most important values, and walking through the path and not leaving the path.

5 reasons to Never Give up

  1. Difficulties in life are unavoidable. So never give up. Learn to face it instead of change it.
  2. When situations are going against your will, it doesn’t mean you have lost something. Take your failure as a new path for learning new things.
  3. difficulty in life is like training for you to overcome it.
  4. More you trouble, more you experience
  5. Consistency and hard work will change the journey one day. So believe it.

Never Give up Quotes

  • Good things do not come easily, so try and try
  • Tough time is creating Hero inside you
  • Never Give up without Fight.
  • The person who walks through the pain has the ability to change the world.
  • If you are facing 100 failures; it means you learnt 100 different methods
  • You never lose, either win or learn
  • Never stop trying and believing, never give up. Your time will come.

Never Give Up; 8 Ways To Tells You About

Never Give up quotes in Hindi

  • कभी हार मत मानो, आज कठिन है, कल बदलाव होगा, अगला दिन सुनहरा होगा ।
  • सोना जितना जलता है उतनाही चमकता है ।
  • अगर जीतने की थोड़ी भी इच्छा रखते हो तो अपने द्वारा की गई गलतिया दोहराना बंद कर दो ।
  • बीच रास्ते मे आकर पीछे जाने मे जितना समय लगेगा उतने समय मे आप लक्ष तक पोहच जाएंगे। आगे बढ़िए ।
  • प्रयास करना कभी ना छोड़े ।

Never Give up sia song

Never Give Up” is a song recorded by Sia, from the soundtrack of the Garth Davis-directed film, Lion (2016).

Written by Sia and her producer Greg Kurstin, the song was released on 18 November 2016. It was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Song Written For Visual Media. 

To hear thing motivational song 


  Never Give up synonyms 

  • Resolute: marked by firm determination
  • determined: having reached a decision, firmly resolved
  • Tenacious: Persistence in maintaining
  • Persist: to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity or warning 

 Never give up Sandeep Maheshwari

Jisne Andhero se Jung jeeti hai, Suraj Bankar vahi chamakta hai  

Never Give up Shayari

वहा तूफान भी हार जाती है जहा कश्तीया जिद्द पर होती है ।

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